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Camping are rules and safety instructions

  1. Camping Area Rules and Safety Instructions:

    1. Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are observed from 00:00 to 06:00. During this time, the use of outdoor grills and driving motor vehicles within the area is prohibited.

    2. Disruptive Behavior: Individuals behaving disruptively will be removed from the area. Generally, caravan or cabin fees will not be refunded or credited, even partially.

    3. Reservation Number: The reservation number must be kept visible at all times, for example, on the car's windshield. The marker must also be returned to the reception upon leaving the area at the end of the visit.

    4. Everyone is responsible for keeping their camping spot or other living space tidy and for disposing of trash and waste in designated containers.
    5. Open Fires: Making open fires in the area is prohibited without permission.

    6. Weapons: Bringing knives and other weapons to the area is strictly prohibited without prior agreed-upon permission.

    7. Animals: Allowing animals to roam freely and taking them to the riverbank is prohibited.

    8. Responsibility: Each individual is personally responsible for any damage caused by their carelessness or negligence.

    9. Loss or Damage to Property: The camping area organizer is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings, including motor vehicles.

    10. Accidents: The camping area organizer is not liable for accidents that may occur in the camping area.

    11. Safety Distance: A safety distance of 4 meters must be strictly observed.

    12. Power Sharing: Sharing electricity from caravan power posts is prohibited. Likewise, pulling extension cords across roads or using tree branches is strictly prohibited.

    13. Vending: Unauthorized vending in the area is prohibited and considered disruptive behavior.

    14. Bringing Extra Persons: Bringing extra persons into the area is prohibited.

    15. Emergency Number: 112